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Installing your Carbon Filter

Your Gorilla Carbon Filter comes equipped with pre-mounted handing eyelets for easy installation in your grow environment.  You can use common adjustable grow light hanging yo-yos to hang the filer from the inside frame of your grow tent or grow room.  Once thing that is important to note: Carbon filters are much more efficient when air is being pulled through them, as opposed to pushed through them.  For this reason, it is most common to see setups where the filters precedes the inline fan when it comes to airflow.  Take a look at these configurations for easy setup and installation of your Gorilla Carbon Filter.

Once your filter is hung in place, hang and orient your inline fan so that the airflow is moving away from the filter.  Closely arrange the flange from the inline fan, to the flange on the carbon filter, then attach the fan to the filter using ducting tape.  Ensure a tight seal to prevent any air loss.



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