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What is the best distance of my light from the canopy? – K5/K3

Kind LED grow lights are some of the most powerful LED lights in the industry, watt for watt.

Not only do we use high efficiency diodes, but we then put them behind a secondary optical lens that helps focus the diode’s light downward, achieving unparalleled canopy penetration. Due to this intense light concentration, the hanging height above the canopy needs to be taken in to consideration when finding the light’s ‘sweet spot’.

K3 Series
K3 Series LED diodes utilize 3 watt chips, and the ‘sweet spot’ for this series of lights is 12”-24” above the canopy.

K5 Series
K5 Series LED diodes are a mixture of 3 and 5 watt chips and thus have a recommended hanging height of 30″ to 36” above the canopy. This will ensure the right intensity of light is being received and that the light footprint is being taken advantage of.

When first introducing LED grow lights to new plants and clones, it is recommended that the intensity be turned down to 50% (on the K5 series) or that the light be hung 48” or more for the first 3-4 days. After this initial break-in period, we then suggest lowering the light by 4″-6″ every couple of days until the desired height is achieved.

The signs that you have exceeded the minimum distance to your plants will usually manifest in the form of slight curling of the youngest leaves, and/or overall slower growth.

If either of these are experienced, simply raise the light by 4″-6″ and wait a few days for recovery. The results in raising the light should be immediate, and you should see the plant return to robust, lush growth within a day or so. If it seems like the plant is still being overwhelmed, raise the light to the top end of the recommended height range and allow the plant some time to acclimate before trying to lower the light back down.


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