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Issues with Router – K5 WIFI

Some internet providers will block access to the use of their router if they cannot determine what is trying to access the server.  In this situation we suggest using a dedicated router as it will be your best solution in ensuring you get your light up and running smoothly.

A dedicated router allows for the most stable and secure network, and will continue working even without internet capabilities!

You can source one from your local electronics store for under 50 USD and can connect it to your light easily, in most cases less than 15 minutes. Once hooked up, you will have the ability to access your light’s commend center online from your house at any time, giving you full access to control your lights at the touch of a button.

The trick is, do not hook it up to the internet. Just power up the dedicated router and place it in your grow room, link your lights and your controlling device, and you’re good to grow.

Please let us know if this solution was helpful for the issue and reach out to us if you need further assistance.

Example of dedicated WIFI router:


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