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Updating your K5 WIFI grow light – K5 WIFI

Please follow the steps below to update your KIND K5 WIFI light fixture:

Step 1:  Connect the light(s) to your WIFI.  Once connected, the light will display it’s IP address.

Step 2:  Open your internet browser (preferably Chrome) and type the IP address into the navigation bar and hit enter.  This should bring you to the light’s webpage interface (The KIND Command Center).

Step 3:  On the Commend Center, in the left panel at the bottom, you will see “Resources”.  Right Click this link, then select “Inspect.”

Step 4:  A window on the right will pop up, showing the elements of the page, scroll all the way down to the word “wrapper” (should appear in blue type).  Open the drop down window for this.

Step 5:  On the new list of elements look for “Main Content Hidden”.  Double click on “software update.”

Step 6:  Highlight “Main Content Hidden” and then hit “Delete”, then “Enter”.

You can now exit the “Inspect” window and scroll all the way down to the bottom.  Updates should appear here, and you can now get the latest update.


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