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Difference between Original and Lite Line tents

There are five differences between the Original Gorilla Grow Tent and the Lite Line Grow Tent:

1. The diameter of the steel frame on the Lite Line tents is thinner than the Original GGT (16mm vs. 19mm-22mm, respectively, depending on size)

2. The canvas on the Lite Line is thinner than the Original GGT (210D vs. 1680D respectively)

3. The Lite Line tent roof does not come equipped with an Infrared Blocking insert.  Infrared Blocking insert comes standard on the Original GGT roof.

4. The Lite Line tents come standard at 6 ft 7 inches.  Standard height of the Original GGT is 6 ft 11 inches.  These are standard height of the respective lines, with the exception of the 2×2.5ft size, which is still 1ft shorter for each tent line.

5. The Lite Line tents do not come with an included 1ft extension (it must be purchased separately)  The Original GGT comes standard with an included 1 ft extension kit.

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