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Fire Safety Rating – Flame Retardant

Our tents, off the shelf, are not NFPA701 certified.

The reason we do not spray, dip, or impregnate our tents with flame retardant during normal manufacturing, is due to harsh industrial chemicals used in such a process.

Since our customers spend a lot of time with, in, and around our product, we prefer not to subject them to this type of material unless necessary for code compliance or by their choice.  On a case by case basis we can special order flame retardant tents for those customers whom require it to use, or sell.  We simply require an order of 10 tents of 10×10 size or larger, or 20 tents of any size, and a 30% deposit on the order. Turnaround time usually takes 8-10 weeks upon payment, additional shipping charges will also be the ordering parties responsibility.

A lot of our customers, after researching the health ramifications of flame retardant, tend not to go in that direction and prefer to include sprinklers above the tent within the building they are located.  Others opt to include a self contained smoke alarm with fire retardant agent included with in it.  So, there are a few options available to you either with us or through a third party.

If this is something you would like to pursue please let us know and we can begin the process.  We are big supporters of what you are trying to do and would love to work together with you.


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