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Cleaning your Reservoir

Cleaning Your Reservoir

At the end of each run or as needed…

To properly clean your reservoir, please first drain your reservoir of all water.

(Please refer to our instruction manual for precise instruction of ”how to drain” if needed).

The included water pump and draining method for your SuperCloset reservoir will remove most of the water in the reservoir, leaving about a half inch to one inch of standing water in the bottom of the reservoir.  If no plants are present in the system you may simply pour the remaining water out.


Tips to remove remaining water when plants are present in the system: 

  • Use a wet-vac, turkey baster, or a towel to absorb and remove any remaining water. Angling the reservoir on it’s side will aid in the water/ nutrient solution to go to one side for easier collection and discarding.


Cleaning Your Reservoir

Once your reservoir is empty, mix either of the following solutions in a bowl or container.  

Note: Option 2 utilizes a more common form of Hydrogen Peroxide typically found in a household.


Option 1: 3 ml Food Grade “34% Concentrated” Hydrogen Peroxide per 1 gallon of water

Option 2: Mix a 4 parts “3% Concentrated” Hydrogen Peroxide per 1-3 parts water


Use Latex or Nitrile gloves to prevent skin irritation or burn from hydrogen peroxide solution.  With a clean sponge and your cleaning mixture, wipe the entire reservoir surfaces thoroughly, inside and out.


If needed, disassemble the top feed drip emitters in entirety and soak them in a pint-sized glass of water/hydrogen peroxide solution (as mentioned above). Reassemble when complete. 

Note: Top Feed emitters may not need to be cleaned after every grow, but should be done so frequently.


Cleaning Your Water Pump

It is important to clean your water pump and all tubing as best as possible with the Hydrogen Peroxide mixture using a small brush or toothbrush. 

Note: Neglecting to clean your water pump, tubing, or any other accessories that might be used inside of the reservoir, invites non-benefical bacteria to repopulate the water and reservoir.


Finishing Steps

When finished, please re-assemble the reservoir and reattach the water pump to the top feed emitter manifold. 

If you notice a low level of water pushing out through one (or) several of the drip-emitter sites, this likely means that there are blockages in the ¼ tubing. These can be cleared by soaking the tubing as stated above, then gently blowing through them after all Hydrogen Peroxide solution has been rinsed off with warm water.  It is best practice to then soak them again in Hydrogen Peroxide solution to completely eliminate any nutrient film build-up or any pathogens that may be present.

Hydrogen Peroxide dissipates into water and oxygen so it should air dry. Once dried, refill as desired with fresh water and add Lotus nutrients!

*Grow  room sterilization is one of the most important preventative measures a grower can use to have a successful grow in hydroponics. This greatly reduces the risk of pathogens, insects, or viruses, that would have the ability to circulate in our systems if not properly cleaned.  


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