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Lotus in Coco or other medium

When using Lotus Nutrients with a soil mix, it is important to first notice if the mix you plan to use already contains fertilizers and if it is “ready for growing.” If so, you will want to let the plants establish themselves by utilizing some of the initial food in the soil before adding additional nutrients. We suggest a minimum of 2 to 3 weeks depending on the soil mix before adding additional fertilizer.

When using Lotus nutrients with soil we suggest using it at a strength of only 75 – 80% strength to see how they respond. Then slowly work your way up to full concentration.

Once you have calculated how much nutrient is needed to achieve 75 – 80% of the suggested range, mix your nutrients using your usual watering source, then water your plants with that mixture.

Once fed, we suggest mixing Lotus Nutrients with your water every other time you water your plants. Or water, feed, water, feed. This will ensure no buildup or lockouts are created in the soil mix and your plants will continue to grow happily and healthily.


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