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SuperCloset Cabinet Damaged in shipping

SuperCloset ships hundreds of cabinets per month nationwide.  While damaged cabinets do sometimes occur, we are happy to report they are very rare and only happen about 1% of the time.  Every SuperCloset cabinet is carefully inspected, wiped completely free of dust and debris, then boxed and palleted for protection.

That being said, once your system has arrived, we request that you thoroughly inspect your product with the driver present before accepting delivery. If you do determine that there is considerable damage from shipping, please refuse delivery and contact SuperCloset within 12 hours to file a claim and take the proper steps towards obtaining a replacement product.

If you open your cabinet and discover concealed damage (i.e. damage that was not similar to damage of the shipping box) please reach out to the SuperCloset team as soon as possible.  Take pictures of the packaging and damage to the shipment.  The SuperCloset team will work directly with you to asses options for repair or replacement of your damaged goods.


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