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Flowering Stage

Flowering Stage 

(8-9 weeks on average – first 4 weeks are dedicated to vertical and body growth, the last 4-5 weeks are dedicated to production of fruiting and flowering sites and include the last 7-14 days being dedicated to pre harvest stage aka flush)

Optimal Lighting:  12 hour on/12 hour off

“Red” or “Warm” spectrum Light if available

(or) CFL Florescent – “Red” or “Warm” Spectrum

(And then) Kind LED Grow Light

Optimal Watering: 15 min. / every 4-6 hours -or-  4-6 times per day

Replace Water in System then add following nutrients:

Add Flower Stage Nutrients: 

Replace the water that you were using for the vegetative state with the following water. 


Test and Adjust PH Levels (PPM 1300-1500)

We no longer use “Technaflora” brand nutrients.  We use Lotus nutrients at a maximum of 1350 ppm’s as it calls for on our feed chart. https://lotusnutrients.com/pages/easy-guide-and-recommended-hydroponic-feeding-schedule

They have A-F. We simplify all of the other brand’s vast amount of parts (A-F for example) to being simply:  Grow, Boost and Bloom with our “additives” of Cal/Mag and Carbo-Flush. 

This is a good time and stage to incorporate trellising and look for male plants.

  • Trellising controls upward growth and exposes more of the plant to light to facilitate production sites
  • Male plants tend to be taller/leggier, produce 2-3 weeks earlier than females. To discard, cut plant at base, gently remove from the grow site, and dispose of in an area far away from the grow site.

Change water every 1-2 weeks and refresh Nutrients (Your plants will be consuming about a gallon of water a day)

If you need to top off water levels, only add nutrient rich PH balanced water 

Around the end of week 7 move to Pre-Harvest Stage


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