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  • PH balance water 5.5 –> 5.8  (recommended)
  • TDS readout 0-150 (recommended)
  • Thoroughly Soak RockWool (or other medium)
  • Inspect and Insert Seeds Into Rockwool Cubes
  • Gently Cover Seeds
  • Can use one cube of rock wool to pull apart for use with covering holes
  • Cover tray with humidity dome
  • Place out of light on top of heat mat, or in a warm area  74 to 77 degrees F (recommended)
  • As soon as the seeds sprout, immediately, introduce to light on 24/7 schedule. This is paramount. As soon as the seedlings break the surface of the plane of the rockwool cube, get the seedling under a light source as soon as possible. 

 Our customer base has the most trouble with this^. 


  • Average germination time 1 -2 weeks depending on genetics chosen, some run longer and some shorter.
  • Complete darkness for sprouting only and check these for sprouting about every 8 hours and again, get to light as soon as they “pop” or you see ANY sign of growth. If the customer does not catch them ASAP after they have “popped” they will become stringy/leggy and once the plant begins to develop leaves (or sooner) the plant will not be able to support itself due to these lanky stems. 

^ For this, we suggest a paperclip be straightened out on one end and stabbed into the rockwool cube in this case and the other to form a hoop around the seedling to catch it if it were to fall one way or another., if it falls over and lays down it is going to then die very rapidly. 

  • 7-14 days under 24 hour light during root production stage
  • Check on seeds every few days, if they dry out they die out. Rewet every few days or as needed. 
  • Once plants have taken root (you have a minimum of 3 white roots prominently coming out of the bottom of each cube) and are showing its true 3rd set of leaves,we can then move them to the Vegetation stage. *** Not too early as it is better to be safe than sorry.***


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