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Harvest, Drying, and Curing

Pre-Harvest Stage 

(During this stage you will want to look for your Trichomes status.  Once the Trichomes change from clear to milky white (***this does not happen with all strains***) and a majority of your trichomes are milky white, it is then time to consider flushing your plants. *****We couple this with two other factors and make and informed decision by combining all three.*****

The next or second important factor is the suggested amount of flowering days that any given strain takes to finish the flowering process from day 1 of your light timer getting converted to the 12/12 cycle. (12 hours of light on and 12 hours of crucial darkness). The breeder or seedbank where the seeds are obtained should be suggestive of this “flowering time” and it is written on most seedpacks.

The third factor would be the amount of white hairs on the plant’s buds that have converted to orange in color. When we are at or around 85%-90% orange hairs with little to no white hairs left, this is the third and determining factor for yield. 

We can then take all three of these indicators and average them out to dictate when to harvest! 

1)    During the final 7-14 days of flowering, add the following nutrients to your water:

Plain replace your bloom nutrient water (used for flowering) in your reservoir with about 7-14 days left in your grow cycle, if growing in soil.

 Please introduce carboflush for 1 week in soil and then drain and finish the plant’s life cycle on plain water alone for the final week.

 If growing in hydroponics, 1 week is more than adequate for flush. For the best results, please run Lotus Nutrient’s “Carbo-Flush” for about 3 days and then let the plants finish on plain water for the last 4 days or so or longer if wanted (in hydroponics). 

2)    Begin Drying Stage

  1.   (3-7 Days) Hang your plant matter upside down for 7-14 days or until the flower is dry to the touch and roughly 80% of the stalks/branches are not bowing and bending, rather more so, popping like matchsticks. You are then good to manicure and then bag or jar for curing. 
  2. Curing is the next step in the process (if wanted). We can further make the plant robust by “curing them” over the course of about 1-2 months by (optimally) opening the lids on the glass jars, or by untying turkey bags and letting them breathe for about 30 minutes daily. The flower will lose chlorophyll and outgas over time making for a finer finished product. 


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