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SuperPonic Suggested Watering Schedule

SuperPonics suggested watering schedules


Below you will see the suggested watering schedules for the SuperPonics hydroponic systems.  You are free to adjust these schedules as you see fit based on your plants health and progress.  It is always good practice to consult with a SuperCloset Grow Support Technician before making drastic changes to your watering schedule, as this will help you confirm the correct course of action.  You can reach a SC Support Tech using the link below.



SuperPonic 8 / SuperPonic 16 / SuperPonic XL12

Week 1 of Vegetative Stage:     Water for 2 mins – 1 time per day

Week 2-4 of Vegetative Stage:     Water for 2 mins – 2 times per day

Flowering Stage:     Water for 2 mins – 3 to 4 times per day (adjust as needed)


SuperFlow 20 / 26 / 32

Water for 15 min durations, every 1 to 3 hours (adjust as needed)

Note: When plants are first introduced to the SuperFlow system, monitor your rockwool (medium) for moisture content.  If your medium is dry to the touch, use a cup or small container to top feed water from your reservoir on to the the plants base.  This will coax the roots to grow downward towards and promote healthy growth.  Once your roots are established you can rely on the ebb and flow of the water schedule to maintain your grow.


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