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Vegetative Stage

Vegetative Stage 

(1-2 Weeks cabinet, 2-4 Weeks room, 1-2 months outdoor)

Optimal Lighting:  18 hour on /6 hour off (or) 24 hours of constant light “ON”.

  • Approx. 24-36 inches above young plants
  • “Blue” or “Cool” spectrum Light if available
  • CFL Fluorescent – “Blue” or “Cool” spectrum
  • Kind LED Grow Light or Kind LED Vegetative Bar Lights 

Optimal Watering Schedule: 15 min. / 4 times per day -or- every 6 hours

Replace Water in System then add following nutrients:

Add Vegetative Stage Nutrients:

Most other companies have you add a host of different costly things to the reservoir at this juncture. We only request that our growers use Lotus “GROW” formula only at a rate of 400-450 ppm’s aka ¼ of a tsp per gallon of water used. 


Change water every 1-2 weeks 

When the plants have grown to a maximum of 1/3 of their usable grow space, begin the Flowering Stage.


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