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Credit Card Decline Process

When creating a customer deposit, you may encounter a warning that the deposit is “on hold” or has declined.  Follow these steps to address the issue:


  1. When a Customer Deposit credit card payment declines, you will be notified by a yellow warning bar with information regarding the declined payment.  The following must be done right away, without delay.
  2. On the Customer Deposit record, Click “Edit”
  3. Once on the edit screen, Click the “Void” button.
    1. If you are the representative responsible for this sale (i.e. SC or CS sales rep), contact the customer to inform them the payment has declined and work with them to rectify and apply payment.
    2. If you are processing payment for an order that is not your sale (i.e. Order Processing), continue to step 4.
  4.  Open the related SO.
  5. Click “Edit”
  6. Check the “Action Needed” box. (SO must remain in “Pending Approval” status)
  7. Add Memo: “Card Decline (date)”
  8. Click Save.
  9. Create a new Task from the SO:
    1. Task title: “Card Decline”
    2. Assign the Task to the representative responsible for the sale.
    3. Check the “Notify Assignee by Email” check box.
    4. Add message: “Card Decline (date)”
    5. Click Save.



If you are a representative who has received a “Card Decline” Task:

  1. Contact Account or Customer to update/correct payment information.
  2. Once updated, mark “Card Decline” Task as “Completed”
  3. Open related SO in “edit” mode.
  4. Uncheck the “Action Needed” box.
  5. Replace Memo: “Payment details updated, good to go (date)”
  6. Click Save.
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