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Entering a Shipping Address

How to enter a Shipping Address in NetSuite

Shipping companies have strict guidelines for entering shipping addresses.  Failure to meet these standards leads to the shipping company correcting our address submission at a 18$ fee for each instance.  We have seen fees total in the thousands of dollars per year.  We must follow the proper procedure to mitigate any financial impact of incorrect address submissions.

The enter an address in Netsuite:


 All Addresses MUST end with an abbreviated suffix.

    • CORRECT:          123 Main St.
    • INCORRECT:     123 Main Street


All numbers in an address MUST be in numerical format.

    • CORRECT:          987 5th Ave.
    • INCORRECT:     987 Fifth Ave.


All cardinal directions MUST be written in abbreviation format:

    • CORRECT:          654 W. Orange Ave.
    • INCORRECT:     654 West Orange Ave.


All Apartment/Suite/Lot/Room # information MUST be included on the 2nd line of the address form:

    • CORRECT:          Address Line 1:  654 W. Orange Ave.
          • Address Line 2: Apt 2A
    • INCORRECT:     Address Line 1:  654 West Orange Ave. Apt 2A
          • Address Line 2:  (Empty)


All addresses MUST be listed as residential if not shipping to a business address:


In an effort to cut down on unnecessary fees, please feel free to cross check and confusing address with a google search for proper address suggestions, or consult the GSI shipping dept for assistance.

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