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Lost in Transit – Freight Orders

The following is the process to follow when a Pallet or Freight order has been lost in transit.

When a member of the GSI staff receives a order/shipping status update request  (CS, Processing, Sales, SC) :

  1. Open the related SO.
  2. Locate the Tracking information in the Shipping subtab.
  3. Run the tracking to determine progress.
    1. If the tracking shows progress, with no delays.  Relay the information to the Customer via email.
    2. If the tracking is not showing progress, or has been delayed in progress:
      1. Create a new Task from the SO.
      2. Assign the Task to a member of the Shipping Dept (Danny or Savannah)
      3. Ensure the “Notify Assignee by Email” box is checked.
      4. Task title: Shipping Status Update
      5. Task Message:  “Tracking is showing delays, please contact shipping company to determine status.”

When a GSI shipping team member has received a task for a Shipping Status Update:

  1. The shipping team member will make contact with the shipping company.
    1. A dock search will be executed in order to locate the missing /delayed freight. This dock search can take anywhere between 24-48 hours.
  2. If the shipment is found:
    1. The shipping team member will email the status update to the customer/account via email from the NS Sales Order.
  3. If the shipment is not found:
    1. The Shipping team member will:
      1. File a claim with the shipping company for the lost items.
      2. Request that the items be returned to sender if found.
      3. Create a new Case from the SO
        1. Case type: Shipping
        2. Case Issue: Shipping – Missing Shipment
        3. Case Message: “Shipment is lost in transit.  Please create RMA for lost items as they have been marked RTS and a claim has been filed.  Please create a replacment SO and ship as soon as possible. Thank you.”



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