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Lotus Consignment Program

Lotus Consignment Program Walkthrough

The Following is a Step by Step workflow for the Lotus Consignment Program

Sales Rep/OP

Once an agreement has been signed by an account for the Lotus consignment program, :

  1. Open Customer record.
  2. Within the Communication Subtab, go to Files.
  3. Attach Agreement to the Customer record

If Sending PO to OP for SO creation.

Create new SO

  1. Set Date
  2. Set Status as Pending Fulfillment
  3. Set PO#
  4. Set “Customer Deposit Received” as Terms
  5. Set Priority (if applicable)
  6. Set Memo (if needed)
  7. Select Billing and Shipping address
  8. Set Sales Rep
  9. Set Sales Channel
  10. Set Order Source
  11. Check Box: Lotus Consignment Order
  12. Check Box: Lotus First Order (if applicable)
  13. Item Subtab:  Enter all line items individually (grouped by item), and add all SWAG including Lotus Display
  14. Shipping Subtab: Set shipping details
  15. Billing Subtab: Set “terms” as Net 90
  16. Click Save.
  17. Click Email Button
  18. Message Subtab: Select “Lotus Consignment Confirmation” template
  19. Click Merge and Send
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