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Old Dominion – BOL


Once a picking ticket/SO has been fulfilled and placed on your desk, begin the process of creating a BOL for this sales order.

  1. Use the SO number to pull up the customers order in NetSuite and leave this page open for reference.
  2. Check the Memo line to determine any special requests.
  3. Calculate the weight of the shipment using the Shipping Master Key – 2021.
  4. In a new tab, open Old Dominions website.
  5. Select Sign In
  6. Follow the steps listed in How to Run a Shipping Quote
  7. After printing the quote, select Create a bill of lading and schedule a pickup for this shipment.
  8. Fill in the following information
    1. Pickup Information
      1. Enter the Ready Time at 2:00pm
      2. Enter the Dock Closes Time at 4:00pm
      3. Enter the number or Shipping Units (pallets)
      4. Enter the Type as “Skid”
    2. Shipment Numbers
      1. Enter the SO number in the Load/Reference # textbox
    3. Shipper (Pickup Location)
      1. Select Show List
      2. From the popup, select Grow Strong Industries – 3555 Airway Dr – Santa Rosa CA 95403 – 13649671 – BILL. This will auto-populate the required fields to GSI
    4. Consignee Information
      1. Enter the recipient’s name
      2. Enter the address
      3. Enter the country
      4. Enter the zip
      5. Enter the city
      6. Enter the telephone number
    5. Billing Information
      1. Select Use Shipper Info From Above to auto-populate this field to GSI
    6. Commodity Detail
      1. Enter the number of pieces
      2. Select Skid as the package type
      3. Enter the weight
      4. Enter the Class (92)
      5. Select “PLANT GROWING UNITS HYDROPONIC CONSISTIN” to auto-populate the description fields
    7. Additional Information
      1. Next to the Special Delivery Instructions text box, enter “No inside delivery”
  9. Select Next Step
  10. Review the information is correct
  11. Select Finalize BOL
  12. Print 3 copies for the shipping record


  1. Gather the SO, copy of the quote, BOL’s, and a clear envelope
  2. Place the quote behind one copy of the BOL and staple to the back of the picking ticket/SO. (This is the shippers copy).
  3. Fold the pages of the picking ticket/SO to review the BOL/shippers copy
  4. Paperclip another copy of the BOL to the stapled documents. (This is now referred to as the drivers copy).
  5. Fold the final BOL in half and place within a clear envelop.
  6. Place the envelope under the paperclip with the rest of the documents
  7. Refer to the sales order in NetSuite
  8. Select the “Shipping” tab.
    1. Change the Shipping Carrier to “FEDEX/USPS/More”.
    2. Change the Shipping Method to “Freight”.
    3. From the drop-down under “SuperCloset Carrier”, select “Old Dominion Frei…”.
    4. Enter the PRO tracking label number assigned to the shipment.
    5. Select Save.
  9. Select Email.
  10. Select the “Message” tab.
  11. Select the drop-down under “Template”.
  12. Select “SC Freight – Your Order Has Shipped!”
  13. Select “Merge & Send”
  14. Complete the Shipping log. [INSERT SHIPPING LOG LINK]
  15. Place the completed shipping documents in the warehouse’s shipping inbox for processing.
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