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Outgoing Freight Procedure & Log

Related Departments: Shipping (Warehouse & Office), Customer Service

Policy Details
This policy dictates the process to follow when outgoing freight has been issued Bills of Lading, as well as the process for filling out the freight log.

Policy Procedures

Freight Log 
Picking Tickets / Sales Order have been turned into office personnel. Bills of Lading (BOL’s) have been created & PRO # labels issued, and have been turned into the intake bin for outgoing shipments.

The freight log sheet will be filled out by the Shipping Office:

  • Date
  • Carrier Name
  • SO #
  • Pro Label that has been assigned to the freight.

The freight log sheet & completed bills of lading will then be placed onto the freight desk, for label & sticker distribution.

All BOL’s will be accompanied with:

  • 2 Copies of the BOL, one will be attached for the driver to sign & take, another copy for us to have on file.
  • A BOL enclosed within a shipping envelope to be used as our shipping label.
  • PRO labels enclosed within the shipping label envelope.
  • The Shipping label will be placed in an easy to read location on the pallet.
  • Remaining copies of the PRO # labels should be placed on the pallet, on all four sides.
  • Stickers & warning labels “ Do not accept if damaged” “ Fragile” should be used at all times possible.
  • If possible, bring the freight outside via forklift or pallet. Keep like minded freight together for easier loading onto trailers.

All freight pallets are to be loaded by Forklift. Prior to being loaded, all freight must be double checked by the shipping lead, or whomever may be filling in for that position. Initials are to be logged, that the correct item is being placed on the correct freight trailer.

Once shipments have been loaded up, the shipping log & BOL’s for the day should be turned in to the shipping manager.

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