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Product Not Shipped or Missing from Shipment

This policy outlines the step by step process to correct when an item has not been shipped to a customer.  Often this refers to a SO that was shipped but the customer did not receive an item from that SO.  When a customer contacts GSI to claim they have not received an item from their order, follow these steps:

Creating a Replacement SO


  1. Locate the original SO in Netsuite.
  2. Locate the original order submitted by the customer.  This may be a web order, or an order emailed to the company.  It is important to review this record to ensure the original SO was written to match the order submission.  If the customer placed the order over the phone, directly with a GSI representative, no such order will exist.
  3. Inspect the SO to ensure the order that was submitted by the customer matches the contents of the original SO, move to Step 4, as this confirms that the error took place during the packaging and shipping process.
  4. Create a new SO for the customer.
  5. Confirm correct shipping address.
  6. Set Status: “Pending Fulfillment”
  7. Set Priority: “P1”
  8. Add Memo: “Replacement for missing item ref. (original SO#)
  9. Set Sales Channel to one of the following:
    1. Mis-Shipment : Mis-Shipment Parcel
    2. Mis-Shipment : Mis-Shipment Pallet
    3. Mis-Shipment : Mis-Shipment SC
  10. Set Order Source: “Customer Service”
  11. Enter the missing item SKU(s) that needs to be shipped.  All pricing and shipping costs should be represented as they would have been on the original SO.
  12. Click Save.
  13. Add a new Note to the SO.  Detail the item that was not shipped.
  14. Click the “email” button on the saved order.
  15. On the “message” subtab, select the template: “GSI – Order Confirmation Email”
  16. Click “Merge and Send.”

The order has been submitted correctly and the customer has received an email confirmation of the new SO.  Now we will return to the original SO that was mis-shipped and create an RMA to correct inventory errors.


Creating an RMA for the Original SO


  1. Open the original SO (the SO that was mis-shipped)
  2. Click the “Authorize Return” button.  This will open a new RMA record.
  3. On the RMA record, add Memo: “Item not shipped”
  4. Remove any product SKUs from the items list that do not relate to the mis-shipped item.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Return to saved RMA record, click the blue “Receive” button.
  7. In the Items and Expenses subtab, check the “receive” box for all items that apply.
  8. Set “to Location” to: “Grow Strong Industries Location”
  9. Click Save.

Accounting will then create a Credit Memo for this received RMA record.



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