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Reconsignment occurs when a destination address is changed for a freight shipment while the shipment is still in transit and has not reached the final destination. This includes returning a shipment to the sender.

  1. Contact the freight carrier to request a Letter of Authority (LOA). Written authorization is required to make the change to the carrier as the Bill of Lading is a legal contract, so any changes made must be in writing. Authorization must always be made by the shipper or paying party.
  2. Fill out the LOA and send back to the freight carrier for processing.
  3. The carrier will enter the information into their online system and image the authorization.
  4. A rating analyst reviews the request, verifies that we have authorization to make the change, and completes the request.
  5. Notification is sent to the terminal who currently has, or if it is in transit, will have the freight.
  6. New labels have to be generated and put on the freight.
  7. The shipment will now be delivered to the updated address.
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