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Review Mitigation Policy



The Review Mitigation Policy and Procedure directly addresses the process we follow when a 1-3 star review has been placed by a customer online.  While the topic of a poor review can vary, the negative impact of a poor review can be substantial.

Policy Standards Overview:

  • All 1-3 star reviews must be addressed immediately.
  • Customers must be consulted about their review and its contents.
  • A solution to address the Customer’s concerns must be provided.
  • Once a resolution has been reached, the Customer must be asked, in a professional manner, to remove or amend their review.
  • In the event a review cannot be amended or the Customer cannot be reached for mitigation, an official Company response must be written and posted alongside the Customer review.

Policy Management Overview:

  • Incoming reviews must be monitored daily by the Customer Service Dept. Manager.
  • Reviews must be assigned, by the Customer Service Manager, to a Customer Service Team Member on the day the review was posted.
  • Progress of review mitigation must be monitored daily by the Customer Service Dept. Manager.
  • Official Company responses must be posted in a timely manner in the event a review cannot be mitigated.

Policy Procedure


Review notifications are sent via email to members of the GSI staff.  The Customer Service Dept. Manager is responsible for monitoring the incoming review notifications to identify opportunities for review mitigation.  Any 1-3 star review must be addressed by contacting the customer, offering a solution, and asking the Customer to remove or amend the review.


(Customer Service Dept. Manager)

When you receive a 1-3 star review notification email. Follow these steps:

  1. Within the -3 star review notification email, click the blue “See this review and reply” button.  This will open the Trust Pilot website: https://business.trustpilot.com/
  2. Acquire any Customer information you can from the review post (Name, product, etc.), then search for the Customer in NetSuite.
    • If we cannot match the Customer review to a Customer record in NetSuite, we must issue a Company response.  The response must address the concern stated in the review, emphasize that we will strive to meet the Customers needs, and offer clear contact information for the Customer to reach out to us for assistance if needed.  See the “Company Response” section of this policy for more details.
    • If the review matches a NetSuite Customer record, continue to step 3.
  3.  Open Trello: https://trello.com/
  4. Access the Trust Pilot/Amazon Reviews board.
  5. In the “New” Column on the left side of the Trello board, click “Add another card”
  6. Add a title to the new card.  The naming standards for review card titles are as follows:
    1. Date of review (m/d/y)
    2. Order Number (if available from NS search)
    3. Customer Name.
  7. After entering the title click “Add Card.”  Access the card you have created by clicking on it to add more details.
  8. Enter description on the card.  Here you will paste all relevant data necessary for the efficient mitigation of the review. (Link to NS Customer record, order number, link to the TrustPilot review post, the review contents, etc.)
  9. On the right hand side of the card:
    1. Add Members: Select the member of the team who will be responsible for reaching out to the customer for review mitigation.
    2. Add color label: Add the designated label color of the relevant product brand.  (i.e. Yellow/GGT, Blue/Kind, Green/SuperCloset, Purple/Lotus)
    3. Set a preliminary “Due” date of 1 week from the current date.
  10. Click “X” in the upper right to close the card.
  11. Return to the 1-3 star review notification email.
  12. Forward the review notification email to the same team member to which the Trello card was assigned.
  13. In the body of the forwarded email. Paste the link to the Trello card for easy access. Add the following text:
    • “The following review has been assigned to you for mitigation.  Please reach out to the customer regarding their concerns and work to offer a solution in hopes of having the customer remove or amend their review.  Post updates to your progress within the Trello card.

(Customer Service Rep)

When you receive a 1-3 star review notification email from the Customer Service Dpt. Manager with a Trello link. Follow these steps:

Note: It is the responsibility of the Customer Service Rep to move the Trello card into the proper column on the Trello board as the review mitigation process progresses.

  1. Review all details of the Trust Pilot review and details of the Trello card.
  2. Work with your team to formulate a possible solution to the review concerns.
  3. Contact the Customer via Phone to discuss options for resolution.
  4. Document the date of the contact in the Trello card.
    1. If the Customer cannot be reached on the first attempt:
      1. Send an accompanying email requesting a time to speak with the Customer about a resolution to their review.
      2. Move the Trello card into the “Contacted/Waiting for Response” column.
      3. Adjust the due date to 1 business day from the current day, as a reminder to attempt contact the Customer the following day.
      4. Follow up attempts must occur every business day for 3 days until the Customer is successfully contacted.
        1. In the event we do not hear back from the Customer within 3 business days, an official company response must be posted.  Move to Step 6.
    2. If the Customer has been reached:
      1. Move the Trello card into the “In Progress” column.
      2. Continue constant professional contact with the customer while you work with them to reach a solution.
  5. If a resolution has been reached:
    1. Move the Trello card into the “Issue resolved/Needs review updated” column.
    2. Send the Customer the following email (edit as needed for a personal and professional touch).
      1. Hello (Customer name),   I am so happy we were able to get your issue resolved and would like you to know we are here if there is anything else at all we can help with. I have included a link to your original review for you to adjust as we discussed in hopes of it showing your true experience here at GSI. We strive for Industry-Leading customer support and want each and every customer to feel this way. We also want our reviews to show it! If you have any questions or need anything else at all please don’t hesitate to ask, thanks and I appreciate you getting this resolved for me.
  6. Once the review has been updated, move the Trello card into the “Resolved/Review Revised” column.
  7. If a resolution cannot be reached:
    1. Move the Trello card into the “Official Response Required” column.
    2. Document the reason for not being able to reach a resolution in the Trello card.
    3. Add ant details needed to help form an official Company response.
    4. Add Members to the card: Select the members of the Marketing Dept. and the Customer Service Dept. Manager. The Customer Service Dept. Manager will be responsible for finalizing and posting the official Company response of the Trust Pilot review..

(Customer Service Dept. Manager)

When you receive a Trello notification that you have been added to a card that has been moved to the “Official Response Required” column.  Follow these steps:

  1. Review the details of the Trello card.  Consult with the related Customer Service Rep to attain additional information if needed.
  2. Access the Trust Pilot portal.
  3. Find the related Trust Pilot review.
  4. Click the “Reply” button on the review.
  5. Enter the official Company response in the window, then click “Post Reply”
  6. Return to the Trello card.
  7. Move the Trello card into the “Official Response Posted” column.









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