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SuperRoom-Shipping Preparation

Related Departments: Production, Shipping (Warehouse) , Shipping (Office)

This policy dictates the process to follow when completing a SuperRoom at the pallet loading stage, as well as the process for labeling & transferring responsibility to the Shipping Department.

Once production has completed the SuperRoom, it will be handed off to the Shipping (Warehouse) team to begin the packaging process. Please note that 2×4 SuperRooms are sent via UPS Parcel and do not require the following steps listed below.


  • All components will be double checked & signed off before items are loaded onto a pallet for shipment.
  • Items will be loaded onto the pallet, in a fashion as to not crush/destroy any items. All boxes are expected to be within the pallet range of size, with no overhanging edges in an attempt to limit damage.
  • Items will not be loaded any higher than 6 feet (72” inches) unless otherwise approved.  If an order packaged is too large for one pallet, please notify the shipping department, it will be determined if a 2nd pallet is to be set up.


  • Black shrink wrap will be used to cover the entirety of the pallet. This allows protection against the weather, as well as being a discreet delivery. Black shrink wrap is to be applied by the shrink wrap “spinner”, in a circular motion to create two layers of wrap around the pallet. The top will also need to be covered with multiple pieces, as well as having one more layer to wrap everything up. Black tape can be used to address gaps or irregularities.
  • Each pallet is required to have two (2) straps of banding around it. This can be accomplished via the banding machine. Training & Demo to be provided.
  • Each pallet will be marked with a label, which will be marked by the customer’s last name. This label will be placed in an easy to read location, in case a freight carrier needs to identify any missing product.

Transfer to Shipping Department

  • Upon completion of a SuperRoom (wrapped & strapped), the production worker will then move the completed pallet order to the shipping department. The main
    drop off point will be outside of the shippers door. The shipping department will be notified upon drop off that a shipment is ready for outgoing shipment.
  • The completed picking ticket will then be turned into the shipping department. The picking ticket will have dimensions & weight listed as well.
  • Shipping personnel will schedule a BOL to be created, which will be dropped off in the shipping bin to label up with appropriate shipping labels & pro stickers.

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