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Tape Maintenance Procedure & Log

Related Departments: Shipping ( Warehouse) , Production

This policy dictates the process to follow when performing preventative maintenance on the tape machines, as well as the process for filling out the equipment log.

Bi Weekly Tape machine cleaning

  • Clean off brushes – Soak in Hot water overnight, scrape adhesive out next morning.
  • Cleaning & scraping of heater cover.
  • Cleaning of Tape machine unit & Water tank (dust, glue, etc)

Monthly Preventive maintenance

  • Clean glue from blade with scraper (razor), try not to scrape cutting edge = dull
  • Apply light coating of light machine oil to back of blade
  • Add a few drops of light machine oil to felt pads

Equipment Log
The Equipment log should be filled out when preventative maintenance is being done on the tape machine. Please list the following information:

  • Date of Maintenance
  • Equipment & Serial Number
  • List any malfunctions or defects that may be occurring.
  • Status should always be in working order, unless otherwise noted.
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