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Website Chat Support Policy and Procedure

The GSI Brand websites are equipped with PureChat which gives Customers a way to connect with our sales and support teams.  The PureChat dashboard will show how many customers are currently on the site, which page they are viewing, and even allows us to reach out to them via chat proactively.

While having a chat option to Customers is important, improper application or neglect of this service can have a negative impact on brand and support reputation.  The following policy and procedure outlines the proper management of PureChat and chat services.


Connecting to PureChat


  1. Use this link (PureChat), to access the PureChat dashboard.   A user profile and password can be created for employees by a Dept. Manager.
  2. Once logged in, you can access your profile in the upper right of the dashboard screen.
  3. From the profile page, you will set your time zone, then your current working schedule.  Setting your schedule is crucial to make sure that you will be logged in only when your day begins, and logged out when your day has ended and you are no longer available.  Activate your schedule by turning on “Automatic Scheduling.”
  4. Back on the main dashboard, you will see a list of team members on the left panel.  You should see your name there with a color box indicator for your availability.  A yellow color means you are currently unavailable, while a green color will indicate you are available to receive chats.


Availability on Chat


The most crucial aspect of having a chat window available to customers is how it represents our company’s dedication to live support.  If at any time, the chat window appears to be offline, or worse, the chat window is online but no reps respond to incoming chats, the chat window becomes a negative reflection on our company’s support reputation.

  1. As a GSI team member with chat responsibilities, it is mandatory to set yourself as “available” any time you are at your workstation and available to accept a new chat request.
  2. If at any time you leave your work station, or are currently occupied and unavailable for an incoming chat, you MUST set yourself as “unavailable” in the PureChat portal.

If there are no reps available for chat, and all reps are set as “unavailable,” the online chat window converts to an email window, which allows customers to email us with their inquires.  These emailed inquiries must be handled in a timely manner as with other inbound email inquires.


Chat Etiquette


Introductions and Contact Information

The online chat window is designed to be a convenient way for customers to access a live support rep.  As part of that convenience we do not require contact information from the customer to initiate a chat.  That is why it is good practice to begin every chat by introducing yourself, then asking the customer for a contact phone number or email in case your chat becomes disconnected.

Example:  “Thank you for reaching out to us today, My name is John and I’m happy to answer any questions you have.  Before we begin, is there an email address where you can be reached in case we get disconnected?”


Communication and Responses

It is important that you refrain from one word answers whenever possible.  We want to represent ourselves as well spoken, thoughtful, and informative.  Take care to read the full inquiries from the customer and answer all questions that they have presented.  The more often a customer has to repeat a question to you, the more frustrating the experience can become for everyone.

If at any point a question is presented that you do not know the answer to:

  1. Let the customer know that you need to consult with another rep to ensure accurate information, then politely ask them if they are willing to wait for your response while you seek more information
  2. If the information will take longer to get than the customer is willing to wait- Ensure the customer you will get the information to them, ask for a good contact email, then let the customer know you will be following up with an answer very shortly.



Federal law still restricts the growth of certain plants. Whenever presented with a blatant referecne to a plant that is restricted by Federal law, simply offer our standard compliance message, which should follow something to the effect of:

“You’ll be happy to hear that SuperCloset systems are designed to grow anything with roots and leaves.  It is up to you as the grower to understand and abide by all local, state, and federal law pertaining to the purchase of our product.  With that said, I’m happy to assist in any way that I can to help you select your perfect SuperCloset system.”
Lengthy Conversations
Remember that the ultimate goal of chat is to help the customer make a purchase in a timely manner.  It is very common that the customer who chooses the chat option is doing so to specifically avoid a phone call.  However, a sales conversation can often be long and in depth, and doing so in chat can be more difficult and time consuming.  A good practice is to identify when a lengthy or complicated conversation is imminent then posing the following option to the customer:
“I love the questions you have and I’m excited to be able to assist you.  Some of this information can be more easily handled via phone, would you like me to shoot you call to discuss your options?”


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