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Approving SuperCloset Web Orders

All SuperCloset Website Orders are automatically imported into Netsuite and land on the “Orders to Approve” list.  The orders will appear in green text, and are marked as Sales Channel “SC Website” and Order Source “Website.”  To approve a SuperCloset web order, follow these steps:

  1. Open a SuperCloset web order in “edit” mode.
  2. Review the billing and shipping address. If they match, move to step (3). If they are not a match, please follow the ID Verification Policy
  3. Review the items being sold.
  4. In the SC production section of the SO, select the Primary System that matches the largest value item on the SO.
  5. If they purchased a second item on the order that also needs to be built (i.e. a dryer tent kit), select that item in the Secondary System field.
  6. Go to the “Shipping” subtab:
    1. If the order contains a complete system or hydroponic system (i.e. Cabinet, SuperRoom, SuperPonic System), set the Shipping Carrier to: FedEx/USPS/More. Then, set the Shipping Method to: SuperCloset Production.
    2. If the order contains ONLY items that are in stock and not in need of production (i.e. accessories, nutrients only, tent only, light only), set the Shipping Carrier to: UPS. Then set the Shipping Method to: UPS GROUND.
  7. Ensure that “Ship Complete” is checked.
  8. Change the status of the SO to “Pending Fulfillment.”
  9. Click Save.
  10. Once the order has saved, click the “Email” button.
  11. On the “message” subtab select one of the following templates:
    1. Any order containing a Cabinet or SuperRoom  >  SC- Order Confirmation
    2. Any order containing ONLY a hydroponic system (No Cabinet or SuperRoom)  >  SC- Hydro Order Confirmation
    3. Any order that does not contain a Cabinet, SuperRoom or hydroponic system  >  GSI – Order Confirmation
  12. Once template has been sleeted, click “merge and send.”

Shipping Carrier/Method Quick Key:

  • Cabinets/SuperRoom/Hydro System/Germ Kit Orders:     FedEx/USPS/More  >  SuperCloset Production
  • Orders with none of the above:     UPS  >  UPS Ground


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