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GlobalTranz – BOL

GlobalTranz is a third-party logistics provider that GSI utilizes for all Gorilla Grow Tent, Kind LED, and Lotus Nutrients freight orders shipping in the West. For freight orders to the rest of the US, please see the article for Daylight Transport – BOL. SuperCloset orders do not usually ship through GlobalTranz, instead use Old Dominion [INSERT LINK] for all Western SuperCloset orders. GSI uses a select number of carriers from GlobalTranz including:

  • R&L Freight
  • Oak Harbor Freight
  • TForce Freight (previously UPS Freight)
  • Estes Freight

Once a picking ticket/SO has been fulfilled and placed on your desk, begin the process of creating a BOL for this sales order.

  1. Use the SO number to pull up the customers order in NetSuite and leave this page open for reference.
  2. Check the Memo line to determine any special requests.
  3. Calculate the weight of the shipment using the Shipping Master Key – 2021.
    1. In addition to the weight of the items, add 25-30 lbs for the pallet.
  4. In a new tab, go to the GlobalTranz website.
  5. Login.
  6. Hover over “Rates”.
  7. Select “New LTL”

1 – Enter Details

  1. Enter the Origin information:
    1. Select “USA/CAN”.
    2. Enter “Grow Strong Industries, CA 95403 – Danny” in the text box.
    3. Select “Business” as the Site Type.
    4. Enter today’s date under Pickup Date.
    5. No accessorials are require for pickup
  2. Enter the Destination information:
      1. Select “USA/CAN”
      2. Enter the city, state, zip or consignee’s info in the text box.
      3. Select the Site Type.
        1. If the Site Type is Commercial, select the following Accessorials:
          1. “Lift Gate”
        2. If the Site Type is Residential, select Residence and choose the following Accessorials:
          1. “Lift Gate”
          2. “Appointment”
  3. Select the Unit Type from the drop-down.
  4. Enter the # of Units
  5. Enter the Description/Commodity. Ex. “Garden Tents”
  6. Enter the Weight
  7. Enter the Dimensions including the length, width, and height
  8. Refer to the Density that has been calculated from the weight and dimensions.
  9. Reference the NMFC#-Freight [INSERT LINK] sheet to determine the NMFC and Class
  10. Enter the NMFC.
  11. Enter the Class.
  12. If the SO is $10,000+ or mostly lights, add insurance. In the Value(S) text box, enter 50% of the cost of the order.
  13. Select “Select Carrier”

2-Select Carrier

  1. Choose the freight carrier based on reliability, cost, and transit time.
    1. Select “With Insurance” or “Without Insurance” depending on the cost of the order.
    2. Select Book

3-Confirm Details 

Shipper Details

  1. Confirm the Shipper Details are correct
  2. Enter Ready Time at 2:00pm
  3. Enter Close Time at 4:00 pm

Consignee Details

  1. Enter the Consignee Details including:
    1. Company Name
    2. Address
    3. City, State and Zipcode, Country will be auto-populated from the 1st step
    4. Contact Name
    5. Phone, Ext.

Shipment Details

  1. Confirm shipment details are correct
  2. Select Next

4-Book Shipment

  1. In the Customer Reference section enter the following information:
    1. Add the SO number under the text box titled “REF #”
    2. Type ” No inside delivery” in the text box titled “Delivery Remark”
  2. Take a snap shot of this page.
  3. Print.
  4. This document is considered the quote when creating a BOL and/or quote for GlobalTranz Orders

To book the shipment:

  1. Select the checkbox titled ” I agree to the Terms and Conditions”
  2. Select Book It

5-Manage BOL

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