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Support Response Policy

This policy lays out the expectations we hold as a company for responses to inbound customer inquiries via phone, chat, and email.


When a customer calls in to GSI:

  1. All calls must be answered to the best of our ability. Therefor we must remain available to receive calls, at our workstations, whenever humanly possible within the standard established working hours of the day.
  2. If a call cannot be answered, the voicemail of that customer must be responded to with 24 hours of receiving the call. General Inbox Voicemails are disseminated by management evenly across the departments.


When a Customer emails in to GSI:

  1. All emails from customers must have a response, regardless of the contents of the customers email, no exceptions.
  2. If you respond to an email by calling the customer directly, that call, whether you speak to the customer or not, must be followed by an email to the customer briefly summarizing the call. This enables us to have a record of contact should the customer claim we have not been attentive to their request.


When a customer chats GSI:

Please review the PureChat Policy and Procedure here.

  1. All chats must be answered to the best of our ability.
  2. If you are preoccupied with a work activity that prevents you from being available to chat, you must set your chat profile to “unavailable.” At no time can we allow a customer to use the chat window without a response from the company.  By setting to “unavailable,” the customer will instead be prompted to send an email to the company.
  3. You must log out of chat at the end of each day to prevent customers from assuming we are available after hours.



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